Prospective Students

The Chicago Teacher Partnership Program (CTPP) provides select teacher candidates with:

  • a quality university education leading to an undergraduate degree in elementary education at one of the four partner universities
  • teacher preparation coursework and field experiences focused on the skills needed to succeed in high-need schools
  • activities specifically designed to foster teacher leaders, and
  • support during the induction process.

A Quality University Education

Students who are selected for the CTPP complete the core general education requirements and the school of education coursework leading to an undergraduate degree in elementary education at one of the four partner universities (University of Illinois at Chicago, Loyola University Chicago, National-Louis University, or Northeastern Illinois University).


Teacher Preparation Coursework and Field Experiences

CTPP Teacher Candidates have the opportunity to focus on coursework leading to endorsements in math, science, and reading.  Coursework is tailored to develop the skills needed to succeed in high-need schools.  Additionally, as part of their professional education, they take part in both preliminary field experiences and student teaching during which they are mentored and evaluated by Cooperating Teachers while participating in school-based professional learning communities.

Activities to Foster Teacher Leaders

Teacher candidates have multiple opportunities to observe teacher leaders at work, participate in guided practice, and engage in thoughtful reflections about their experiences—all supported by mentor teachers and resident faculty. These experiences  expose candidates to a variety of teacher leadership roles and role models within the school setting, e.g., mentors, coaches, and curricula or grade specialists and provides candidates with an experience of teaching as a dynamic field full of opportunities for professional growth.


Induction Process Support

CTPP’s induction activities further develop the leadership skills of novice teachers and guide them to appropriate leadership endorsements based on their abilities and career goals. CTPP coordinates its induction activities with the opportunities provided by the New Teacher Center Induction program for novice CPS teachers to deepen their content knowledge and strengthen leadership skills. Continuing contact of novice teachers with university faculty through professional development activities focuses on increasing knowledge about leadership and encouraging novice teachers to pursue the Teacher Leader Endorsement.