CPS Partner Schools

With over 600 schools serving over 400,000 students, the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is the third largest school district in the country.  The size of the district presents both opportunities and challenges to teachers, administrators, students and their families, and to area schools of education.

CTPP / CPS Partners:


  • John Hay Elementary
  • May Elementary Community Academy
  • Nash Elementary School
  • Spencer Math & Science Academy
  • James Shields Elementary School


  • Marshall Middle School
  • Greeley Elementary School
  • Goudy Elementary School
  • Jordan Elementary School
  • Pulaski Elementary School


  • Frederic Chopin Elementary School
  • Whittier Elementary School
  • Telpochcalli Elementary School
  • Funston Elementary School

National Louis

  • Cameron Elementary School
  • Gunsaulus Elementary School
  • Nobel Elementary School
  • Otis Elementary School
  • Dumas Elementary School

In order to build upon the strengths of all stakeholders, the Chicago Teacher  Partnership Program (CTPP) collaborates with CPS through cooperative efforts at Partner Schools.  Additionally, the CTPP collaborates on other initiatives already established within the district.  Specifically, the CTPP/CPS partnerships involves:

  • Collaboration between the CTPP and CPS’s Office of Human Capital
  • Clinical supervision for candidate cohorts and two years of induction support from the New Teacher Center for all CTPP graduate novice teachers in CPS
  • Access to tools for collecting data to inform teacher practice and increase proficiency through the New Teacher Center Formative Assessment System, and
  • Participation of 20 high-need partner CPS schools.

For further information on how the CTPP and CPS work together to improve teacher preparation, click here.