What is the Chicago Teacher Partnership Program?

Teacher in ClassroomThe CTPP implements reform to significantly improve three essential components of the teacher preparation pipeline: 1) Teacher Candidate Recruitment, Selection, and Retention; 2) Teacher Preparation; and 3) Teacher Induction, Development, and Support. The CTPP’s overarching goal is to increase the capacity of the four universities to build and continuously improve teacher preparation and induction programs that not only are coherent, consistent, and aligned but also meet CPS needs and can be rigorously and effectively evaluated.

Building on partner strengths and increasing capacity, the CTPP Work Groups develop and provide leadership for implementing the elements of these reforms:

  1. Candidate Assessment by using research-based practices including the Danielson Framework
  2. Recruitment and Selection by raising the academic qualifications of prospective teacher candidates and increasing the number of teacher candidates from underrepresented populations
  3. Quality of Pre-Baccalaureate Preparation by improving the quality and relevance of coursework in the content areas and in differentiated instruction, and
  4. Teacher Leadership by creating professional communities that support teacher leadership structures in our twenty partner high-need CPS schools and by creating courses that fulfill the requirements of the Illinois Teacher Leader Endorsement.

The CTPP embodies a powerful vision for the transformation of elementary teacher preparation. It is a well-developed plan not only to manage and implement this vision, but also to rigorously evaluate project impact on student achievement. Through its network of committed partners, CTPP creates a replicable model for preparing teachers who ensure successful learning outcomes for students in Chicago and Illinois.